The Marketeer: Introduction

Space is not the final frontier.

Sputnik launched the exploration of space in 1957. At that time, we couldnt have known that the true final frontier was of a galaxy not of natural origins hundreds of millions of miles away, but of a universe of our own creation – a galactic network connecting people without barriers, borders, or governing bodies as described in the MIT theoretical paper just four years later.

We are all explorers in this digital universe. Armies of programmers and engineers are more like city planners and architects of a civilization that exists in a plane of existence as limitless as the physical galaxy itself. This ethereal plane is now populated by millions of programs, some with incredible artificial intelligence as diverse as plant or animal life on earth.

Because this frontier already has two billion human residents and will likely grow to include all humanity, the true colonizers of this world arent humans, governments, or expedition parties – they are companies. Businesses must explore, settle, and grow in this rapidly evolving frontier or get lost in the endless abyss.

I view a Marketeer as a pioneer in the digital world, on a mission to stake a claim in a marketplace that will never stop changing, and never stop growing.

This series explains how this frontier is forming and transforming humanity itself. It is a field guide for how businesses must think and act in order to survive and thrive in a cybernetic and ever-evolving marketplace.

Millennials are the first group of market controllers, and yet, are second-generation residents. Second-generation residents of a diverse migration or colonization have historically been the first generation of a new culture, society, and marketplace. Millennials have had a decade to establish themselves in the workforce and consumer culture. We can for the first time observe basic principles of how humans will work, communicate, and consume as a culture that has one foot in our physical reality and the other firmly planted in cyberspace.

The framework of how we think about marketing needs to fundamentally change in this new generation. It should be the passion to connect with and communicate to others who have a potential stake what you are doing to make the world better for them. A Marketeer endeavors to do this using all available technology to augment their understanding of individuals, so as to better empathize with them, thus being able to communicate more clearly and effectively through the medium of the technology being used.

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