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Danny is an life and career has given him unique and expert perspectives in the following areas:

Technology and Marketing:

  • Consumer trends and behavior
    • As CEO of Marketeering Group, Danny has a constant finger on the pulse of consumer behavior in order to build a company that best reaches the target audiences for hundreds of businesses.
      • Prepared Topics:
        • Why different social networks take off, and how they make us more human
        • Our phone is our 3rd eye – How our technology is an extension of our bodies
        • Pokemon Go and the future of augmented consumerism for small business
        • Ecommerce on Mobile, and the Dominique of Amazon
        • How Google and Facebook are becoming our collective consciousness by studying our behavior, and reading our minds.
  • Branding theory
    • Danny has written extensively on Brand theory in the digital age, and has guest lectured at the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington on the subject. Specifically he focuses on the psychology of how people understand brands, and how that translates to the authority and influence that is measured by algorithms used by Facebook and Google.
      • Prepared Topics:
        • Digital omnipresence and the concept of the 1st citizen – How content marketing follows the old rules of sociology and power.
        • How your brand is a person, and how to make it a good one.
        • How to build relationships with your customers that last.
  • Digital marketing
    • Danny is CEO of Marketeering Group, the fastest growing boutique digital marketing agency for small businesses. His team builds and executes hundreds of digital marketing campaigns every month, and refines their knowledge of best practices, behavior based on the analytical data they accumulate from all campaigns that are executed.
      • Prepared Topics:
        • Digital real estate and the structure of the internet
        • Websites are just like cars, people, houses and storefronts, and why WordPress is taking over the internet
        • Decoding algorithms and understanding their goals
        • The point of social media for every business
        • Why content is king, and how it was crowned
        • How to run all your marketing right from your phone
        • The science of how, when, and where to advertise

Small Business

  • Seattle Small Business Economy
    • Danny has personally worked with thousands of small businesses owners and managers. Through the combined knowledge of each of their businesses on many levels, he has a unique perspective of the state of the local Seattle Economy.
      • Prepared topics:
        • 10 unspoken rules of running a business in Seattle
        • Seattle’s retail boutiques and the rise of Amazon
        • Common traits of business owners that fail
        • How small businesses succeed by working together
        • What makes a Seattle restaurant succeed
        • Beyond Porch and Yelp, Home service digital marketing


  • Danny has been involved in private equity companies and VC’s before starting Marketeering Group. He also has a list of failed ventures that gave him the experience needed to bootstrap Marketeering Group to a glowing success. He’s employed over 40 people during the course of that time, and understands the challenges, successes, ups and downs of starting and growing a startup from nothing.
    • Prepared Topics:
      • My story of being broke to 2M/year simply by listening.
      • How company culture determines your fate.
      • When you’re not fundable, how to fund yourself.


  • Home School vs Public and Private School Systems
    • Danny was home schooled, along with his four brothers, by his parents and private tutors He graduated at the age of 15 after doubling the Washington State Requirements for High School Graduation.
      • Prepared Topics:
        • Importance of the love of learning, and how to fan the flame.
        • Digital democratizing of education and self learning
        • Big picture learning
  • Higher Education administration, student activism, and government support of the Community College Systems.
    • Danny served a Community and Campus Relations Representative, Chief Justice, and Student Body President of Bellevue College, as well as President of the honor society, and the Rotaract Club. He sat on the Board of Trustees of the College and Tenure Review Committee, and served as a student appointed lobbyist to the Washington State Senate.
      • Prepared Topics:
        • The inflation of the four year degree
        • The importance of student leadership
        • How to get the most out of college

History, Religion and Politics:

  • Evangelical Culture and perspectives on morality
    • Danny grew up in a conservative Christian Family and was involved in the Southern Baptist Church, before becoming deeply involved in Campus Crusade for Christ, and later Mars Hill Church. Many of his views were revised through the study of Comparative History of Ideas at the University of Washington, where he drafted an deconstructive thesis on the contradictions of American Evangelicalism called the Protestant Confessions, which outlines fallacies in Evangelical focusses on morality and politics.
      • Prepared Topics:
        • Jesus and politics in America
        • The difference between Ethics, Morality and Integrity
        • The call of government and the definition of a civil society.
  • Reformed Liberalism:
    • After growing up in a family that personally supported Republic Gubernatorial candidates, and being tutored by the Chairman of the Republican Party, Danny revised many of his political opinion after studying the Comparative History of Ideas at the University of Washington, and has become an active supporter of Inclusive Capitalism, Feminism, Gay Rights, all with a focus on civility in discourse. Having lived deep inside both political paradigms, his personal policy is that he can never disagree with anyone unless he completely understands their perspective. That is the foundation of his contributions.
      • Prepared topics:
        • Civility in political discourse
        • Understanding the opinions of others
        • Compromise as the source of power in politics
  • Freemasonry
    • Danny is one of the youngest Past Masters of Freemasonry, as well as a Knight’s Templar and chair of the Grand Lodge technology committee. He’s work in reforming the fraternity’s membership base, focused and public perception has been featured in NPR and been the topic of many written works he has produced. His focus has been on using the fraternity as a vehicle to help adjusts men’s views of themselves in order to promote greater equality, and charity from the ground up.
      • Prepared topics:
        • Redefining masculinity and the role of men in America
        • How the pursuit of Alchemy and Magic lead us to the scientific revolution
        • Life lived by a code of mutual respect
  • Millennials
    • Danny owns, and has written a manuscript (yet to be published) called The Marketeer: A Field Guide to the Millennial Market. His goals is to help older generations understand that shift in consumer and work culture is due to the influx of technology on the social development of groups and individuals, and are note isolated to arbitrary generational categories.
    • Being an employer of a company where the average age is 28 years old, he is an expert in managing Millennials, and having himself worked his way through the 2008 crash and the following recession, he is a representative of the Millennial experience.
      • Prepared Topics:
        • Marketing to a culture of digital natives
        • Managing and incentivizing millennials
        • Demographics are dead, Millennials the post-generation generation

Marriage and Relationships

  • Not only were Danny and Norelle married at just 21, they grew and run their business together. These two challenges have given Danny and Norelle insights into relationships, love and partnership that are unique to most marriages and business partnerships.
    • Prepared topics (in collaboration with Norelle):
      • The secret ingredient to partnerships that last in both business and in life.
      • The entrepreneurship of marriage
      • The irony of romance and fallacy of expectations

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