Post Election Vet’s Day Reflection

I love Instagram, because it’s essentially the worlds network of shared recent memories. When techcrunch announced earlier this year that the Pope was on Instagram, I followed right away, which I recommend you all do whether you’re Christian or not.

About a month ago I was so sick of the hostility on Facebook that I switched over to see if my Instagram network painted a more uplifting picture of humanity. When I did, sure enough there was the Pope AND the Dalai Lama helping people together in the same photo.

So then I realized that this world is also full of people who are not celebrities but rather figureheads that represent the better part of our humanity, who’s sole duty we as people have entrusted them with is to lead us in right action as an example.

Among those I followed that day was the British Royal Family. Today they posted this photo of Prince Harry saluting the fallen at the Field of Remembrance, and I suddenly realize, wait! Tomorrow is Veterans Day!

I’ve known veterans of every war this country has been in since WWI (when I was 10 I befriended a 98 year old man named Luther).

Luther, and every vet from every war I’ve met since then, have expressed in some way or another that while they swore their oath of service for the protection of this country, in the heat of battle it ceases to be an idea for which they fight. But rather when the bullets are flying and bombs explode around them, they fight for the man of their right, and they fight for the man on their left.

Let us as Americans remember that lesson our honored veterans have taught us… That at the end of the day, we are all Americans. Despite differences of opinion or party, we are all fighting for a better world. And that it is especially important in the trying times that we fight for that better world side by side, together as brothers and sisters, rather than turn on each other. The moment we forget that, is the moment we will be overrun by what Winston Churchill called the dark lamentable catalogue of human crime.

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