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The saga of our future office space has seemed never ending. After a year and a half of trying to get a space through brokers, I decided to hit the streets again on my own, and found amazing new home for us. 

Last week signed a 12 month lease with Northwest Work Lofts for their unit M220, which is about 40-50% more space than our current office. 

I will have the keys on October 1st, and have 3 months to build out a few offices, conference rooms and kitchen area (possibly with a kegerator per Mike’s request) as shown in my sketch which is in the attached PDF. 

This means that as of Monday, January 2nd, this is where we will all be coming to work. 

Here are a few highlights of what makes this place great: 

  • Its is an even more accessible and central location than Queen Anne. 
  • 4 hour street parking is available to clients.
  • A friend of mine just wired the building for a gigabit fiber connection and is getting us a great deal, so our internet speed will be 10x our current speed. 
  • The rent is controlled directly by a local land lord who has owned it for 30 years and considers his office space as a place to help growing businesses and thus his contribution to the community.
  • Their terms are the most flexible of every space we’ve looked at. 
  • They have more space in the building for us to grow.
  • There is a large shared space for events, that we can book out.
  • We’ve got a gym (who is also our client) right in the building. 
  • It’s like 1.5 blocks away form Queen Anne Beer Hall, and the Sculpture Park, which is awesome for lunch brakes. 
  • It’s got a killer vibe! 

Let me know if anyone has any questions! 

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